Sunday, April 27, 2008


Last Thursday Ben got to spend a couple of hours playing with is best friend Gabi. Gabi and Ben have known each other since they were 4 months old. They were both the favorite of their care taker Ms. Vicki. Perhaps it wasn't fair but Ben and Gabi got all of Ms. Vicki's attention. As the two moved up to different rooms and left their Ms. Vicki behind, she was never far away. She would come and get them out of their class and take them out to play with the other kids she was watching. Needless to say, Ben and Gabi spent a lot of time together.
One day I ran into Gabi's mom and asked if she'd like to get the kids together. Being the slacker I am it took months but we finally got together at Gabi's 2nd birthday. They were so happy to be together and fortunately for Andy and me we really liked her parents too. The kids played together a couple more times outside of school but I then took Ben out of his school and moved him to a new one that I thought would be better for him. I really worried because he had formed such a close relationship with Gabi I was afraid he'd be lonely. Fortunately, Ben likes just about everyone and can really get along with most he quickly made friends at his new school. However, he still talked about Gabi. Gabi's mom and I started getting together more with just the kids and then with the hubby's too. Every time they see each other Ben and Gabi just go crazy. They hug and kiss, and squeal. They also get on each other's nerves sometimes and are ready to say goodbye at the end of a play date. They've become and old married couple...This was first brought to my attention when Ben was not being nice to Gabi and she looks at him and in a very stern, commanding voice, said "Ben, you love me." I keep telling Gabi's mom that it's cute now, but when they're 16 I'm not going to think it's so funny.Gabi and Ben remind me that friends bring a lot of joy to your life. They can also cause some heartache and every now and then get on your nerves, however, when push comes to shove friends are friends no matter where you are in your life...location or situation
Lucky for me I have a few people in my life who are tried and true friends till the end. This weekend, Ben and I went to spend a few hours with one of those friends, Agnes. Andy was jealous because he wasn't invited although he loves Agnes almost as much as I do but we needed some girl time...well girl time plus Ben.
We had a great time over lunch catching up and talking about things that matter. She got to see Ben in all his rambunctiousness and spoil him with gifts of crayons, coloring books, sidewalk chalk and bubbles. She even helped him "skip" rocks in the oh so lovely Ohio river!
Agnes and I have known each other for 13 years...oh my gosh, I just realized how old I am since we met in college. For three years at Hanover we were very close. We had different interests, lived in different houses, but had a lot in common and spent a lot of extra curricular time with each other and our other friend Kari. Agnes stuck by me when I was madly in love with Andy and spent most of my extra time with him our sophomore year. She quickly accepted me back into the gang once I realized that I needed more than just a boyfriend. After college we spent a year visiting back and forth, living it up like rock stars when we could and even moved to Cincinnati with me to be my roommate when I wanted to be closer to Andy and was ready to start a new adventure.

The year we lived together was the best. We had a great (not really now that I look back on it) apartment in a cool part of town. We learned about the Soprano's together and discovered the best coffee ever at Daybreak. We realized we both were terrified of raccoons and that central air was a luxury we both needed. Also, did you know that you can do the electric slide to any song? Seriously, Ben Harper....electric slide.
Andy and I got married a little over a year after I moved to Cincinnati. Andy and I upgraded to a new living space, as did Agnes (the upgrades were sparse but still there.) Ag spent one more year in the same town with me and we still would meet for breakfast, hang out and talk on a regular basis. When Agnes moved back to her hometown I was sad but was sure we'd keep in touch.
Over the past few years our phone conversations and visits are not as regular as I think we would both like but the great thing is that no matter how long it has been we pick up right where we left off. Ag came to visit Ben the day he was born and we still had our "30" trip to the Bahamas with our friend Kari.
I am very thankful for my friends and wanted to take the opportunity to make sure Agnes knows how truly special she is. I am who I am today because of our friendship and I look forward to continuing it for the rest of our lives.

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Chris Salley said...

Ben and Gabi are so cute! Next time my Ben and I get in a fight I'm going to try "Ben, you love me"