Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dogs Don't Have Hands

You don't say?

You may be wondering why this is the title of my blog and if I were you I'd be wondering as well. You see, my friends have inspired me to do this blogging thing and when I thought about what I would be blogging about I quickly realized it would most likely be about my son since most everything in my life is. Fortunately for me Ben (said son) is hilarious, profound, rotten at times, but mostly just an all around good kid.

So still you're wondering why the blog title? Of course it came from Ben. One day we were watching a movie together. It was a movie about a fire station (one of Ben's favorite things) and a dog (another one of Ben's favorite things.) The dog in this movie was no ordinary dog. This dog was a movie star turned community hero. The dog was living his life in a fire station. Just as any fire fighter would do when duty calls, the dog slid down the fire pole. I thought nothing of this as I have been around for 31 years and have watched numerous movies where animals do such things, heck, I've seen movies where babies talk and sound eerily like Bruce Willis. Anyway, I digress. While this fire pole sliding dog didn't even make me blink, it caught the attention of Ben. Being the pragmatic child that he is he says to me "Mommy, dogs can't slide down poles, they don't have any hands."

Ben, you are so right they can't and they don't. So, the inspiration of this blog - learning opportunities my son presents to me daily.

I hope he teaches you something too.

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Chris Salley said...

Dogs can't slide down poles? I feel like you just told me that there is no Santa.