Monday, April 21, 2008

Accident Prone

It's my fault my child is a klutz. I thought that he'd take after me in personality and I had hoped he'd have my hair. I'm much more outgoing than Andy and my hair is much better too. Andy was supposed to pass on his nose and his athleticism as I have a bump on my nose and growing up my name used to be Grace, for my lack there of.

Ben has great hair, is very outgoing with a cute nose and one heck of an arm. He's perfect in every way but man, he gets a new bruise or cut daily. They say it's because he's a boy, he's rough and he's tumble, but no, it's because he has the DNA of a person who filled out 2 accident reports at work within a month and fell again but refused to report it as i feared I would be let go being the liability I am .

This is my official apology for the bruises he will constantly have and the future embarrassment he may feel.

Dear Ben,

I'm sorry that you run into walls when you're tired. I'm sorry you hit your head on the coffee table on a regular basis, I'm sorry that you fall off your stool at least once a day, I'm sorry that you pull breakable items off of shelves onto your head. I'm sorry that when you run in the house you sometimes fall on your behind. I'm sorry that you have had an ice pack in the freezer since you were one. I'm sorry you're mommy is so clumsy but most of all I'm sorry that I totally busted your head with the door this morning.