Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Step #2 Get Dressed to Lace Up Shoes

Okay, so the idea behind this second baby step I guess is to establish routine. This step invovles getting up and dressed, including shoes and fixing your hair and make up, etc. During the week this won't be too much of a problem but come on, today was Sunday. I took about a half an hour this morning to just sit and eat breakfast in my pj's. However, I did shower and get dressed and ready to tackle our bathroom remodel. I did not however fix my hair or put on makeup. On the weekend I'm lucky to remember deoderant.

My sink is still clean though, every dish has gone straight into the dishwasher which is a major accomplishment for me! If I can get organized and stay that way in 31 days I will jump for joy.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby step #1 Shine Your Sink

Done. Am I supposed to do this every day?

FlyLady Challenge

Well, I've completely failed at blogging twice a week. I didn't think I could do it anyway. I do believe in a self fulfilling prophecy and I'm proof it's true.

My life is totally out of control right now. We're in the middle of a bathroom renovation, work is stressful and my house....oh my house is a complete mess. I've decided to do something about least the house part.

I'm going to do a Fly Lady Challenge. I'm sure you know about the fly lady. She talks about building habits and has a 31 day baby steps program. That's what I'm steps. I'm also going to learn how to blog from my iPhone so I can check in daily with my progress.

Wish me luck.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Applying Myself

Today my friend Chris told me that I needed to apply myself with this blog. In the words of Ben....FIIIIINE.

I've noticed that people are often successful in blogging when they have a theme or a project that encourages them to post so I'm going to try it out and see what happens.

For now, I'm only promising to attempt two posts a week. One will be based on the art work my son has brought home from school. The other will be "Moments NOT for the baby book." Hopefully I'll be inspired to actually blog about other things here and there since Ben is quite the comedian and keeps Andy and me in stitches.

For today I'll leave you with two things Ben has said to me within the past few months. One goes into the "Moments NOT for the baby book." I'll let you decide which one it is.

One night when we were going to sleep Ben says to me "Mommy, do you remember when Dave and Zoe (the cats) were in your belly when they were babies." Cute and Creepy all at the same time.

This weekend Ben was a bit of a pill. I think cabin fever got the best of him and he just refused to listen, mind or do anything that resembled a well behaved child. We all have our moments I get it. Often though, I'll talk about how I'm going to talk tot he teachers about how he hasn't been listening at home because it's something he's also working on at school. I do this not as a threat, well maybe, but more as a way to show Ben that I talk to his teachers on a regular basis and that we both have the same expectations for his behavior. I however did not say this on this particular day. Completely on his own accord Ben says "Mommy, don't tell the teachers." I asked him what he didn't want me to tell them and he said "Mommy, don't tell the teachers I've been an a$$hole."

I've never called him one, I swear. I went from being appalled to being amazed at my sons reason. I know I've called my husband one before and he was able to connect his behavior to the same behavior that may have once led me to calling Andy one. Not excusable I know.

Which one do you think I'd like to forget?