Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just the two of us

Ben is in NYC with his grandparents, aunt, uncle and all his cousins. When my dad was either in college or just out ( I'm kind of unclear on the timing) he drove to all of the MLB ballparks (this was the 70's.) Anyway, he decided he wanted to do this with his grandchildren. Obviously it's going to take several years instead of a few months considering he has 6 grand kids and four of them are under the age of three. Anyway, this year's games include the Yankee's and Mets in NYC and then the Devil Rays and Marlins in Florida. Andy and I couldn't go with the family this weekend but we're all headed to FL in a week. Ben is the luckiest kid in the lie.

So, Andy and I have the house and our time to ourselves for a few days. Amazingly over the past few months, we've rediscovered ourselves as people not just parents, after a couple of years being lost. We've enjoyed the day together and with friends. We went to breakfast, I saw a movie and then went out to dinner with drinks! I miss Ben but I am enjoying a little down time. That being said, I've called my parents three times today and I'm assuming I'll call a couple more tomorrow...then Monday and Tuesday. Ben is doing is daddy proud...before 10:00 this morning he told his Pop that the Yankee's stink. Way to go Ben:)

I have a ton of pictures to post from Ben's b-day, and that's my plan for tomorrow so stand by!

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Chris Salley said...

Don't ruin my vacation. I can't believe that didn't make this post.